Own A Piece Of The Sea Of Galilee 

In front of the Sea of Galilee, where history stood still. Facing the Golan Heights, a path to the water is paved through a new spiritual project, a path that symbolizes the path to faith, the future, and the connection to the history of each and every one of us.
A way in which you can lay a stone with your name or the name of your loved ones for generations, a stone that symbolizes man’s step into life. Man’s way to purity and clarity and your connection to faith.

The “Sea of Galilee” project is now underway.

You can purchase a square inch of stone engraved in your name or the name of your loved ones for generations. After the purchase, you will receive an elegant copy of the stone and a certificate of ownership; in 2018, you can be part of the first step into the sea.

Lay a brick on “The Road to the Sea Of Galilee”